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Anonymous asked: Not sure if this makes sense but what are some of your favorite "didn't see that coming" fics or just fics that left you in complete shock. Lots of unexpected angst.


Ooh ok this might be hard, it’s rare that things shock me actually

bloodstains on your thighs by closingdoors is the first one that comes to mind, especially the end

also if only by closingdoors

passion unattended by airbefore 

Sweetheart by International08

I don’t know if this counts as shock by A Dream Whose Sleep by Cartographical had me going whaaat for awhile

No Joy But Lacks Salt by Elliot Silver still ruins me cause I think I was still expecting a happy ending the whole time I was reading and like nope 

I don’t know that’s all I can think of

I’d be interested in seeing what other people would answer for this question? Feel free to reblog or reply with fics!!

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Ladies, I was just reminded of something I have read before on tumblr posts, but also recently witnessed in real life. I was at a dinner for my boss, a semi-famous scientist who has been training younger scientists for decades. He was about to receive a mentoring award, and a group of his former…

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The Pallas´s Cat, also called Manul, is a small wildcat living in the grasslands and steppe of central asia.
It is named after the german naturalist Peter Simon Pallas, who first described the species in 1776.

That is the most expressive and gelatinous cat I have ever seen.

look at this absurd screaming loofah

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